100% organic pure A2 cow ghee directly from our farm
The ‘Ghee’ to a Good Life
The journey towards a healthy and active lifestyle starts with intent. Moo Beyond looks to reinforce this way of life by offering a healthy option, our 100% organic A2 Cow Ghee. Science has spoken, A2 organic Ghee is better than butter, and the ancient Vedic texts of Ayurveda says, ‘you must begin your day with a teaspoon of A2 organic ghee on an empty stomach’
Organic A2 Ghee has a unique composition of essential micro and macronutrients that can fulfil the daily dietary requirements required for the body. It is rich in antioxidants and vital vitamins like B2, B12, B6, C, E, K and fatty acids like Omega-3, Omega-6 as well as healthy amino acids. Which means good organic A2 ghee can nourish the body, improve brain function, bone health, increase immunity, strengthen the heart and enhance digestion and absorption. It can also rejuvenate skin and lubricate body tissues.
So, if you’re into fitness and health foods, if you’re an expecting a mother, someone with dietary restrictions, heart disease, mothers who wish to give their children essential nourishment, someone with weakened immunity or a gourmand, Moo Beyond 100% organic A2 ghee is for you.
Our Farm
Do you know where your ghee comes from? Did you know that even ghee made at home contains adulterated substances since the milk used is adulterated? Milk often purchased from big corporations is contaminated and thus the end product also contains trace amounts of these additives. Our sincere suggestion to all our consumers, is to know where their product comes from. And, this is why Moo Beyond aces when compared to other brands.
We follow a complete 100% transparent process from accumulating the raw material, to production to bottling and even delivery. With over 120 acres of open land to graze on, our cows are happy, healthy and produce the finest milk, which in turn transforms into the finest, 100% organic A2 ghee. By cutting out unknown suppliers and milk distributers, we guarantee the purity of our product and manufacture ghee that is natural, organic and completely free of toxic chemicals.
Our Cows
Moo Beyond relies on indigenous breeds of cattle for our products. Mainly the Malnad Gidda and Hallikar cows, which are native to the state of Karnataka. These cattle breeds hold a special place among other breeds since they are known to produce milk containing 100% A2 protein.
In ancient Vedic texts the Malnad Gidda has been revered prominently for the ayurvedic and medicinal benefits of its milk. As of 2009, the government allocated funds to protect and develop this rare breed as well as awarded it a national breed status. Endearingly called “Uradana” natively, which means “The Village Cow”, the Malnad Gidda is the main source of milk for our 100% A2 cow ghee.
Both the Hallikar and Malnad Gidda cows are known for their endurance and strength and resistance to disease despite grazing and breeding in hot/wet temperatures. They are thus the perfect producers of natural and organic milk that we use for our quality A2 ghee.
Our Ghee
No other product can compare in taste, quality and authenticity with Moo Beyond 100% A2 organic cow ghee. The recipe for which has been painstakingly perfected to give the absolute gustation experience guilt-free. As for health enthusiasts, our A2 ghee is keto-friendly and filled with good fats and other valued proteins making it not just a tasty choice but a healthy one too.
What else can our A2 ghee do for you? How about cosmetic applications? Our 100% organic A2 ghee can be used to moisturise the skin, reduce dark circles, rejuvenate chapped lips and can also be substituted for oil while massaging.
Moo Beyond A2 organic cow ghee has an incredible shelf life of one year, but we are certain, once you try it, it won’t last very long on your shelves.
Moo Beyond is an Organic Dairy Brand of Jayalakshmi Farms, India.
Our farm is located on the lush grasslands of Mysore, Karnataka region. Our flawless dairy production sets the benchmark of excellence for your everyday happy life.